My Paper Outline for Adaptive Resonance Theory
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Abstract- what the paper will discuss

1. what is a neural net
2. what is ART
3. what is it used for
4. how will it be used in diseases
5. is there anything better


1. Schizophrenia- intro on how its used using ART, list all articles with ART for  instance what is it testing on a shiz patient, way their brain works, brain waves?
2. Alzheimerís ‚intro on how its used   with ART
3. Cardiac irregularities- intro on how its used with ART
4. Blood flow and other methods with NN


1. Data collected from Schizophrenia and ART work
2. Data collected from Paraplegics and ART work
3. Data collected from Cardiac irregularities and ART work
4. Data collected from Blood flow and other NN


1. What was discovered from  schizophrenia and ART work
2. What was discovered from Paraplegics and ART work
3. What was discovered from cardiac and ART work
4. What was discovered from blood flow and other NN


1. All other applications of ART
2. All other applications of NN and Schizophrenia and other diseases
3. All other applications of NN- Genetic Algorithms, Electronic Noses
4. New advances in ART- HART ART3

1. How successful is ART in diagnosing, treating or whatever application, in diseases like schizophrenia, parkinsonís, alzheimerís, paraplegics, cardiac problems, blood flow to brain