WEEK SEVEN: Aug 5- Aug 9


Wow, today was frustrating. I'm still looking for ways around my building of mulitple classes, in the process I've managed to introduce a new and confusing bug that I have spent over an hour trying to find with no luck. Hopefully tomorrow will prove more fruitful. In other news I went and bought my GRE study guide, gotta get started on that I suppose. I'd like to take that test before I'm diving headlong into school.


I would like to have a moment of silence....Today a great man passed away. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra, one of my favorite algorthim's namesakes is no longer with us in this world. Thank you for all your contributions and beautifications to the world of Math and Computer Science.

Today was more frustrating than the last. I'm still stuck on this one bug, unfortuanatly the troulesome bit of code is the only thing I was given to finish while Kristin was away. She won't be back until the 12th so it looks like I have more frustrating days ahead of me...at least the rest of this week.

I went out to coffee this afternoon with Janet to talk about what I'd been doing while she was away. We talked about the papers I had read and what a lot of the cognitive science and learning jargon was about. Having never taken a Psycology or A.I. course a lot of the references on learning needed some explaination. The talk was good, encouraging even. We talked about my future, what I should expect when applying to graduate school, etc. Fun stuff.



In order to not get burnt out on my project, I've decided to take a break from it today. I've spent most of the day reading a chapter Janet has written for a book. I'm not sure if the book has been published already or not. She need to cut 20 of the 65 pages for something (not sure what) so she asked me to look at it and give her feedback as well as some ideas about what to cut. The paper has a lot of information in it, so it's hard to get through and harder to figure out what doesn't need to be said. I'm not sure if she really wants the info or if she's trying to find work for me to do. Either way, it's good to have break from the code :)



I spent most of the day researching various graduate programs in Computer Science. I studied a bit for the GRE, mostly trying to memorize vocabulary words. I also sucessfully cut 20 pages from Janet's book chapter. And no I don't feel bad about a single cut page, it actually felt very good, maybe I should be an editor. Making those big "X's" across entire pages was fun. I'm sure she'll completely disagree with my choices, but she asked me to do it, so there ya go.



I wasn't feeling so hot today, so I stayed home and took practice LSATs. My first timed, scored test yielded a 155. That's much lower than my goal of 169, but I figured, for the first time out it's not that bad. I realized I need to do a lot more practice with the Logic Games. I though those would be the easiest for me given my CS background, but it's hard to do them quickly. Practice, practice, practice, noh?

I'm off to Savannah, GA this weekend with my rugby team for a 7's tournament, should be killer fun.

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