WEEK SIX: July 29 - Aug 2


I started studying for my wonderful line up of standardized testing this Fall. Ý I will be taking the GRE the CS-GRE and the LSAT. Ý I still havenít decided on grad school or law school yet. Iím so interested in both of them that Iím just covering all my bases. Ý I also read another paper by Amy Bruckman called The Day After Net Day.Ý I really just love the way she writes, her papers read like stories.


More studying going on.Ý My grad student mentor, Kristin is taking off Thursday for Minnesota for 11 days so she and I went over my game plan for the next week or so. Ý I really have one goal: I need to add a tool to the DigiQuilt that Iím anticipating will cause me great pains and headaches, but I will be sooo proud of myself if I can get it working before Kristin gets back.



Kristin and I discussed everything I can work on while she's on vacation. I worked a bit on the new tool we're adding. I got it partially working. I'll try to explain it: When the learner click on the Grid-Resizer tool, the work area changes sizes, like it can be a 4-patch grid, 9-patch, 16-patch, or 25 patch. But all the other tools have to work with this resizer. I'll be working on matching up the other tools with this one tomorrow.

I requested information from a bunch of grad schools and law schools today. I'm starting to get nervous about all the decisions I need to make by this coming Springs, it seems a bit overwhelming.



Worked on DigiQuilt for most of the day today. After messing around and a about onemillion if/then nested statements I figured out how to make the grid change sizes with the area. Now it's just ALOT of busy code, you know setting it up so the interface works, I think I have to add something like 52 classes in order to coordinate all the tools with this grid size change. Dang, maybe I'll be able to figure out another way, but for now, this is the only solution I can think of.



Wow, I spent so much time thinking about this next little modification I have to do, it's making me dizzy. I finally figured out a way, if it's possible to implement it, to avoid creating so many classes. Now I'm just having logic problems. It's 4:30 and my brain hurts, so I'm signing off for the day. I'm not doing much this weekend, I need to go to the book store and buy a 2003 GRE study book, kinda want to get that out of the way as soon as I can.

No rugby game today, but I'm able to run now no problem, havn't been tackled yet, we'll see how that feels on my knee next weekend in Savannah!

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