WEEK FIVE: July 22 - July 26


Lots and lots of division tools.Ý There are now about 10 options for cutting up the quilt area, and Iím still not done. Ý Iíve decided to make the dividing lines thicker rather than a different color.Ý The tool is really a guide for when learners have problems figuring out the fractions so its visibility on top of an already created design is not that important.

I went to lunch today with Jeff, Jakita, and Jim. Jeff and Jim are always entertaining to lunch with, as they both like to philosophize about various ethics in research and the computer world in general. Ý I tend to learn quite a bit when Iím hanging out with the two of them.

Still no running for me, Iím actually starting to worry that this knee injury is going to turn into a long-term deal.

In better news: Ý Today is my parentsí 30th wedding anniversary.Ý Yea for them!Ý Congratulations mama and papa!


Still tooling around with grid divisions.Ý Iím should be finished before long and then I can move onto more tools. Ý We actually need to decide how weíre going to collect and distribute the various tools so they can only be opened one at a time.Ý I guess the learners can be distracted by too many options.



Reading, reading, reading. Seems that all I do, but itís fun.Ý Iíve read everything Iíve come across that pertains to Technology Education. Ý I read a great paper on designing user interfaces for children.Ý

Kristin and I got together today to try and make some design decisions. We decided on one that would mean about 8 hours of my work this week was wasted.Ý But thatís okay; I suppose this is only one more thing to learn about project design and working with teams. Ideas change, projects change, things donít always work out they way they were originally planned, etc just got to roll with it.



Worked a bit more on the project. I went to lunch with some students from the College of Computing. Ý Then we all went over to a Newsletter Luncheon. Mostly just an excuse to get more free food by the way this is really the secret of grad school: Learn how to get fed for free.Ý Itís a very valuable skill to have and will enable most grad students to get through their PhDís without going hungry.



I took most of the day off. I read a paper, but mostly relaxed.

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