WEEK FOUR: July 15 - July 19


Today I hacked frustratedly at a new tool for DigiQuilt. The tool is supposed to, upon being selected, allow a learner to split their work area into half along the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. So far I have done nothing but figure out how not to build the tool.



More hacking today, but turned my code over to Kristin, she figured out after much toil how to do it.Ý I did some reading, not much happening today.



Okay, so the tool is created, now weíre trying to figure out what color make the dividing line so that it actually shows up if there are patches on the work area. Ý I did some readings and I met with Mark Guzdial. Ý Heís a professor in the education technology department.Ý He wrote the book, literally, on Squeak, so heís a good resource for me. Ý I got some more paper from him and his group; which is focused more on college age learners rather than middle school age. Iím going to sit in on his class tomorrow while heís introducing a new media manipulation course to a group of undergrad CS students. He offered to let me work with people in his group. Ý Iím gaining more opportunities here, FUN.

In the way for fun stuff: Ý Iím going to a Braves game tonight with a friend from my rugby team. This is only the 2nd Pro base ball game Iíve ever been to so, although Iím not a big baseball fan, this should be exciting.

In the way of not so fun stuff: I injured my knee in last weekendís rugby game so Iím out of the running (literally) for sports and what not, having to find less active ways to pass the time.



Read a ton today, Iím drowning in papers. On top of that, I sat in on an Object Oriented Design class and Markís course introduction.Ý The OOD class was fun; the topic of todayís lecture was .NET. Ý Barbara, the professor introduced Microsoftís .NET platform. Which in itself is pretty cool, very powerful and useful if all of your software and hardware are Microsoft compatible which in this case means: Windows everything. Ý .NET really isnít much different from Sunís J2EE, except that Sunís package is distributable on a variety of systems running a variety of operating systems. Wow imagine that! Okay enough sarcasm and MS bashing for one day.

Oh yeah, the Braves game was enjoyable, although I donít think I need to go to another one. Ý I saw Jimmy Carter though.



Today was a productive day.Ý I added lots of little helper tools to the DigiQuilt.Ý Now a learner can split their quilt design into many different configurations: halves, quarters, along diagonals.Ý Next week Iíll finish with eighths and hundredths.

I didnít play games today because I wanted to go home and practice my violin. It makes me feel good to get back into practicing, relaxes my mind and helps me enjoy the rest of my day.

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