WEEK THREE: July 08 - July 12


I finally got my color changer to work.Ý I can swap colors and change colors without swapping. Ý Iím so glad I finally got that worked out. Ý I had to ask another grad student here for help, but I think Iím finally getting the hang of this programming language. If there were at least one book of documentation my life would be a bit easier, but oh well. Ý Thatís what I spent most of the day on. Ý

I had a meeting with my mentor, Janet, to talk about the remaining 8 weeks Iíll be here. Ý I will be moving around a bit more, working on more projects here.Ý Hopefully I can work on some of the Java coding that needs to be done, a little familiarity never hurt anyone.Ý The LBD group is going to be distributing one of their project in the classrooms very soon, so Iíll be helping to set up the hardware needed for that task. All in all, it appears my 10 weeks here will be well filled.



I didnít do much coding today. I looked all over for documentation on how to keep a command history in order to implement an undo function. As usual I couldnít find any information (that was useful).

I did read a lot of papers about the Learning By Design project and various teaching methods. Ý Very interesting. I think I could be reading until I leave in September, as most of the papers Iíve been given are 65 pages or more in length. Yeehaw, better get started, eh?



Still no joy on the undo function. Iíve tried in various ways to keep track of the commands but with no luck. And no one seems to know how to do it. Ý I think Iíll stick to reading papers. Ý

Iím very excited as tomorrow Iím going to go pick up the violin Iím renting over the summer. Ý It was stupid of me not to bring my violin from home. I end up having a lot of free time in the evenings and right now itís just being wasted. I found an instrument shop in Decatur, which is just East of Atlantaís city limits; and they rent violins for only $25/month.Ý Although Iím sure the fiddle is little more than a wooden box with strings, it will be enough to keep my intonation in shape.



More reading today. Ý Iím realizing that this seems to be a large part of research and grad-school work, although I donít have to write anything about what I read. Lucky me.Ý Iím still looking for the secret of the ěundoî, Iím starting to think itís some sort forbidden, and no one has ever seen itÖmakes for a good story anyway. Ý

My rugby team as a tournament this weekend, Iím a bit nervous, and excited. Weíre playing one team from North Carolina and a rookie team from Atlanta; it should be interesting.



Put some more functionality into DigiQuilt. There is now the appearance that there is a tool to draw dark, separating lines on the work-area grid. This partitioning of the workspace should allow the learners to better understand ‡ the grid from various positions. So far all I have are the buttons, I donít actually have the functionality finished; thatís for Monday.

Right now Iím off to join the Friday afternoon board game extravaganza.

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