Who am I?

Megan Chinburg, I'm 23. I'm a senior (finally!) at University of Oregon in Eugene Oregon. I'm getting my degree in Computer Science. Although I'm a dedicated student, one won't often find me in front of my computer. The best place to look is out on the rugby pitch, or behind my violin.

I've played rugby for almost five years and, like a drug, it has taken over my life. I have played for the U of O Dirty Ducks for the last two years, before that I played for the Mudhens in Seattle, WA, and prior to that I played for the Eugene Housewives for two years. I joined the Housewives as they were in the process of disbanding. However, since USA Rugby has decided I've been playing college ball for too long, myself and other dedicated rugby women in the Eugene area are rekindling the Housewives flame.

I also I play the violin. I've been sawing at that for about 17 years. My first attempt at a degree was in Music Performance, somehow that didn't work out. I havn't given up on it yet though, perhaps later I'll go back and finish my degree. Music really is my passion, my joie de vivre so to speak, I'm sure I'll never be without it.