My Mentor

My mentor's name is Janet Koldner. She is the Professor heading the Learning By Design research group at Georgia Tech College of Computing. Her area of research is Education Technology. She is currently working to develop a Middle School science program that "has as its goal both to develop and publish such units and to learn what it takes to promote deep and lasting learning of science and technology concepts and skills and of life skills, such as communication, teamwork, investigation, and critical thinking" [quote reference].

I've had a good time getting to know Janet and learning about her area of research. It is so different to the computer science field of study that I have been exposed thus far in my career. Coming from a school with a strong theory base having little focus on application or design, this has been an eye opening experience. It's good to realize that there is a huge ocean of opportunity and options in computer science that has very little to do with sitting in front of a terminal full of code (not my favorite hobby).