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Dr. Annie Antón and Me

My name is Laura Jean Bode. I am from Tampa Bay, Florida (Anna Maria Island to be exact), but I currently attend Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA (Chattanooga, TN is at the foot). I am an Information and Comp Science major and a Math minor. I only have a semester left of Covenant and I am officially done with the Computer Science program.

I was picked to spend a 10 week period during the summer of 2002 with Dr. Annie Antón who is a professor of Software Engineering at NC State University. This "mentorship", as it is called since Annie is going to be mentoring me as one female Computer Scientist to another, is funded by the National Science Foundation through the Computing Research Association (CRA). There is a link to CRA's website on the left menu bar. In order to check out the program more thoroughly, once in CRA's site, click on 'Awards' and then 'Distributed Mentor Project'. I was matched with Annie based on my interests that I outlined in my application for this mentorship. So far, she is a perfect match for me.

This website is designed for others, especially those who may be interested in doing this program, to see what I am up to this summer. It may be boring and longwinded at times, but you have the option to skip over those parts. If you would like to know what's going on, check in every week or so and you can view my little tidbits on my day as well as maybe some new pictures. I will be putting pictures up as soon as I take some. Who knows, you may learn something new from reading my website as well.

Sarah and Me

Any questions, complaints, or errors that you find, email to: Laura@bodeonline.org

My address is:
Laura Bode
c/o Dr. Annie Antón
Dept of Computer Science
NC State Univ
Raleigh, NC 27695-8207
(please use the extension)

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