Where Everybody Knows Your Name

"Sometimes You Want To Go..."

Cindy and I drove into Boston just so that I could finally get to fulfill my last goal in life...to eat at Cheers and buy a Cheers Staff T-shirt. Since the T-shirt was not in my size, I'm planning to sue the company for discrimination against vertically challenged people. However, I can't even pay my phone bill on time, so I think it will be a while before I write my nasty letter to Cheers for ruining my trip to this fine establishment.

Pop Goes the 4th...4th July in Boston

I'm Eating French Fries out of a Dog Dish

Yes, I went to Boston for the 4th of July, can you believe it?! The fireworks were better at Walt Disney World, so I was kinda upset that I sold my ticket to a Women's World Cup Soccer game to go to Boston. But that is okay because the US Team wasn't playing in that particular game.

Chrissy, Leah, Mike, and Emily

These are the people I went to Boston with for this 4th of July. For the complete, unabridge story of my trip to Boston, check out this story.

New York City

Hey Folks! I made it to New York City. Can you believe it?!

Cindy and John were nice enough to take me to NYC. Our first stop was at the Statue of Liberty, the tourist thing to do. It was too hot to go to the crown. Heat? What Heat?

Next we went to Ellis Island where I think I might have found my great-grandparent's name on the wall of those who were registered during immagration. Still awaiting confirmation on that one.

Then we decide to go to the Empire State Building. Yes, I was too cheap to pay the 6 dollars to go to the top of the building. Six dollars. Come on people. There is nothing worth 6 dollars at the top of that building.

Times square was the next thing on the agenda. After that, I wasn't feeling too well from some pizza I had eaten, so I was a wimp and asked to go home.

Hiking Mount Toby

The Outing Club here has Tuesday night hikes all during the summer. I was able to catch one of the hikes, then I started playing softball. But this is the scene from the top of a ranger station at the summit of Mt. Toby. Right at sunset.

Amherst from the Summit of Mt. Toby

Amherst and Umass

I have no clue what I was going to put here, but it'll come to me eventually.