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My Soccer Buddies

Too many names, too short of a memory

Here are my Soccer buddies. We played at Saturday mornings at 9:30am. Obviously, I didn't wake up in time for many of those soccer games. Everyone was great to play with. Just out there to play soccer and have some fun.

This was definitely the crowd to be with for the Women's World Cup. I think I tore up quite a few napkins because I was so nervous during the US Women's Final game. As Eloy demanded from watching Brazil versus Norway the game before, I have learned one Brazilian word...


My Softball Buddies

Amy, John J, John, Coach Laura, Cindy,
(back row)Nate, Jeremy, Matt, Brendon

I've never met a bunch of people that have so reminded me of my own family. I thought we were the worst at throwing insults and comebacks and putdowns. Let me put it this way, with this bunch, I never felt homesick.

(front)Matt, Bev, Laura, Amy, John, Jeremy, Shouw,
(middle)Sara, Nate, Rachael, Jack, Melissa/Lewis, Andy, Steve, John J
(back)Cindy, Alan, Dave, Dan, Bill, Brendon

Cindy, Smo, and John at one of the Softball games

It would seem that this group always needed to eat Buffalo Wings at the Ground Round in the mall. I still do not understand the obsession with Buffalo Wings, nor the fact that people must order 5s to prove their manhood. I tried 4s once. No thanks. Maybe if Red Beans and Rice was involved...

John and Steve eating Buffalo Wings

Dan, Nate, Laura, Matt

PhDs Who I Met

Joe O'Rourke