The Folks in the Lab


Abhishek and I and THE GRAPH

Abhishek had the workstation behind me. One night, I guess it was about 2am, we were sick of listening to our music via headphones. So, we both agreed to play the music through the PC speakers. Of course we have conflicting taste in music. When his "classical crap", quoth me, got too loud, I increased the volume of my "rap junk", quoth him. And vice versa. At least we both agreed to go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee.

Favorite Quotes:

"No, Sara. We do not eat Monkey Brains in India. That is why I hate Indiana Jones. But I don't blame you for thinking that we eat Monkey Brains in India. It's the movie's fault."

"If you do put the Spanish Fly into the coffee pot, I'm getting out of here, too."

The picture above is of the infamous GRAPH. Or better yet, to quote my mentor

The second graph shows lines of constant allocation time, still in units of generations, where each line starts at x*N and the line "lives" at collection k (x+k)*N if any objects are still alive that were allocated at time x*N, and the distance between this line and subsequent lines is the amount of live objects.

Still confused? N is the size of the Nursery. (some of us are still confused)


Sharad and John and 452 Ways To Uh, Umm...

Sharad has been debugging the JAVA Virtual Machine since I've known him. Poor Sharad. One day Sharad, you will get the JVM code down the magical number of 16 lines. And then you can write You Know Who's resume.

Favorite Quotes:

"No, Sara, I don't hate you. I hate code and I hate macros, but I don't hate people"

"All you have to do is scan it in and set it as wallpaper on the computer where John sits. Come with me upstairs, and bring the sheet of the 452 ways to..."


Nadendran and I

Pronounced "Na-Rain". He was definitely the quiet one of the lab, or so I thought until that night we went out to Mike's Billards. He was the one who taught us American folks some good, bad Hindu words to say. John learned more than I did, because I was too busy kicking everybody's butts in pool.

Favorite Quotes:

"John, talk in Hindu. You're much funnier to listen to in Hindu."

"Na-rain. No. Na-rain. No. Na-rain. Nevermind."


John and Laser

John was my adopted older brother. I told him that I was so excited to be his younger sister because I've always wanted to be hispanic. John was the one who rescued me from the horrors of the JVM and got me started on my code. He hosted my going-away party, a party in which i got the honor of being the first casuality.

Favorite Quotes:

"Life sucks, Nate. No, Nate. Life does. Nate you are strong. You are like a tree...with roots. And from your roots, I sprout my branches."

"Dusty. You know, Dusty. The one from the Peanuts who carried the blanket and was always dirty."
-- my reply, "So John, who was your favorite Smurf, the blue one?"