Information on Collaboratories Overall -- What they have accomplished

DCEE Project

Distributed Collaboratory Experimental Environments
  • Multi-media Archiver -- The archiver is a scalable and network based system for storing, indexing, and searching multimedia streams: audio, video, whiteboard, and shared-space communications.
  • Labspace prototype system -- a shared space collaborative environment -- A text based virtual environment was also made available to users for collaborative projects.
  • A tele-microscopy system was deployed. Users can access information about, and images from, the tele-microscope via a Web interface
  • A set of reference desktop collaboration software has been created and integrated with the archiver and virtual space server. This software includes a Java and X-based user-interface, brokers, wrappers for the MBone tools, a MOO-based whiteboard tool, and interfaces for scientific instruments. These systems are primarily prototypes, and demonstrations with them have been useful for learning, experimenting, and testing. (A MOO is an object-oriented, multi-user interaction environment - a virtual space.)
  • Text-based virtual environment
    1. -- This technology allow users to meet with others at virtual "rooms" and carry active daily discussions of both a work and social nature.
    2. --The space is persisten and archived, allowing users to contribute objects for others to access. Users who missed a meeting can visit later and see the full discussion as it occurred and can immediatel contribute follow-up comments.
  • The Collaborative Research Environment (CORE) tools provide a cross-platform, multimedia, real-time collaboration suite that includes a synchronized Web browsing (WebTour),
  • shared computer displays (EMSL TeleViewer), audio/video conferencing, chat facilities, file and image sharing, and use of an on-line mass spectrometer.
Diesel Collaboratories
  • Desciption of CORE -- web-based collaboratory that allows messaging, data tranfers, as well as many other perks (electronic notbook, video confernecing -- all based in perl and c

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