Week 9: July 30 - August 5

Monday started off with the drive back to NC from Dayton. I got back in time to take a nap and then head to volleyball! The week in work: I worked on the summary tables, the good/bad goals tables, the survey, and started writing up my heuristics. After my meeting on Friday with Dr. Earp, I made lots of changes to the survey (its almost done!) and made a copy of my data, but without the scenarios. It was a very productive week!

Again, the usual weekly events occured. Tuesday we went to dinner at Jack Astor's then watched Cast Away. Wednesday Lana and I made a taco dinner for Ergun and Brent, then headed off to bowling! Thursday was volleyball then I did some laundry and watched As Good As It Gets.

Friday night was fun. Brent, Thomas, Shannon, Lina, Whitney, and I went to Rum Runners. It is a dualing piano bar in downtown Raleigh. We had a blast! Saturday was The Big Shindig. Its a concert with 13 bands. The first band started at 1:45 and the last one ended at 11. It was a long day, but lots of fun. James, Valerie, Lina, Whitney, Brent and I went. The bands that I saw: Runaway Cab, Weekend Excursion, Sarah Harmer, Five For Fighting, Michelle Branch, Nelly Furtado, Vertical Horizon, and Barenaked Labies. I wrapped up the weekend on Sunday by going horseback riding and watching Far And Away.