Week 7: July 16 - July 22

Monday and Tuesday were interesting days at work, there was no A/C. We work on the fourth floor, heat rises. Normally it is really cool (VERY cold for me since I am usually cold when everyone else is warm) so Monday I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. We did not have any fans so consequently it was a very unproductive day. I did meet with Dr. Antón to figure out what I should write in my final report and to get things organized for when she was going to be gone. Tuesday I learned and brought in a fan and wore shorts. Dr. Antón left for Spain. I started organizing my data. I also got the survey stuff from Carlos. I will be finishing up a survey that Dr. Earp, Dr. Antón and Carlos will be putting to use in the fall. It is a survey on Internet Privacy User Values. The A/C was on by Wednesday, so I was very productive! I organized my data set into optative and indicative goals. I also went through the survey and started making corrections. For the rest of the week I started writing out my heuristics after reading a chapter in Dr. Antón's thesis. I finished separating the goals and made a pretty spreadsheet. I also met with Dr. Earp to discuss what I am doing and figure out some more stuff about the survey.

Monday I played volleyball as usual. Afterwards, Sarat, Brent, Rootu, and I went to see Final Fantasy. Tuesday I went out to eat at a really cool restaurant, Cactus Flower. I highly recommend it. I also watched Analyze This. Wednesday I did some laundry then went bowling. I did pretty sweet, I broke 100 every game with a high of 137.

For the last week I have had a black dot in my vision in my left eye. At first I thought I was some dust on my contact, but it was weird cause it was always in the same place. Then I changed my contacts and it was still there. Eventually I saw the dot with my contacts out, so I knew there was something definitely wrong with that. So Thursday I finally went to the eye doctor. Apparently I have a "floater." The inside of your eye is made up of jelly type stuff. When you are a little kid it is hard. As you get older, it turns liquidy. Mine is in between right now so that is why it is just sitting in there and moves along with my eye. I was told that eventually it will settle. Woohoo!!! Luckily my pupils were back to normal for volleyball.

Friday night I went to the OAR (of a revolution) concert at The Brewery. Brent and I got tickets ahead of time, but Sarat and Thomas were unsure of their attendance, so they didn't. It ended up that the show was sold out. Uh-oh! Have no fear, its Angela to the rescue! OAR just happens to be from Ohio, some of them go to Ohio State. I just happened to be the only car in the parking lot with Ohio plates, I'm cool. So I pretended to go back to my car to get something. There was a group of people standing around my car, actually leaning on it. One of those people was Will Hoag, the lead singer for the other band, Will Hoag. Another guy was the tour guide (a.k.a. bus driver) for OAR. He went to Ohio State and knew many people from Cleveland, more specifically my high school. We were all talking, they were all very nice people. He told me that if I had any problems getting in to let him know and he would see what he could do. I told him the situation about my 2 friends not having tickets. After standing in line forever, Brent and I got in, I went back out and told my newfound friend that I needed help. So eventually Sarat and Thomas got in. I felt really special that I have connections! So it was a great concert and fun times.

Saturday Sarat and I helped Brent move into his new apartment. After that, I slept for a few hours. A friend from UD moved to Raleigh this week, Steven Inlow. So I got in touch with him and hung out at his new place (with no furniture) for the night. I met his cousin Chris and some other fun people that he hangs out with. I stayed there till about 5:30am. I saw the sun rise as I was driving home! Needless to say, I slept in on Sunday morning. In the afternoon I played some volleyball, went for a dip in Rob's pool then watched Gladiator and ate some pizza. It was a great weekend!