Week 6: July 9 - July 15

We decided to add Pharmaceutical companies to the list of privacy policies I'm looking at. So I added 6 more policies to goal-mine. I worked on that during the week and continued to combine the goals. I'm going to write out the heuristics. Heuristics are like rules. They explain why you stated something one way instead of another. It also helps people understand the data and lets me generalize goals. I worked on my website a bit, adding pictures!

We had the weekly volleyball games, Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Wednesday a group of the grad students, Lana, and I went bowling. Hopefully it will become another weekly outing! I saw some movies this week, Along Came A Spider and Kiss Of The Dragon. Friday evening Lana and I went over to Annie's place to have a cookout. They got fish kabobs and I had some marinated chicken. We went for a walk, talked and played the piano till about 1am. It was lots of fun! I tried some squash and cuban coffee. I didn't really like either, but the point is that I tried. Great food, great conversation, what more could I ask for?!?!

Saturday I went out to the bars with Brent. We hit the Flying Saucer and Jillian's. This was my first bar experience as a 21 year old. It was fun! Sunday Lana, Ergun, and I went to Mass with Annie at her church, St. Michael's. She gave us our hermit crabs to crabsit while she's in Spain for 3 weeks. After volleyball we went over to Rob's house to swim and have some burgers and beer.