Week 5: July 2 - July 8

We took Monday off instead of Wednesday. So we came back from the beach on Monday evening and unfortunately missed the Monday volleyball game. Then Wednesday we got half the day off, so it was a short week. I finished up my initial data collection. Dr. Antón helped me with the questions I had on some policies. Started condensing goal set; finding goals that mean the same thing, but I worded differently. Also, generalizing the goals by creating scenarios instead of a bunch of different goals.

Wednesday after a half day of work I headed to Greensboro to meet with some friends from UD. We were going to watch the fireworks, but of course it had to rain so they were cancelled. We hung out in Downtown Greensboro and then played some pool and grabbed some food. Thursday after the volleyball game, the crew headed to watch the rescheduled fireworks. Friday, Lana's friends from Wisconsin showed up, Sasha and Tom. After resting and grabbing some wonderful food that Lana cooked, we met up with Brent and headed to play some pool. Saturday we went to Wrightsville Beach. It took about 2 hours to get there then about 20 minutes to find a parking space! It was a fun day and most of us got sun burnt. We went to a cool place for dinner with apparently good seafood (I didn't have any, that's why I say apparently). We went back to our place and watched Grosse Point Blank. Sunday we played some volleyball then went over to Dr. St. Amant's place to swim and eat some pizza!

The summer experience is half over.