Week 4: June 25 - July 1



This week at work was goal mining, all goal mining. I'm making progress. I have lots of data, which will be included on this site somewhere. It is getting easier as I go a long cause the policies are all relatively the same. There are a few really alarming goals stuck in some of them which is scary. I'm learning a lot about what companies do with the information they collect.

So the interesting thing at work this week was Monday and Wednesday. Monday I received an email from the ex co-founder of Secure Assure, we'll call him Phil. Now, Phil was very nice and informative when I asked him about Secure Assure. I had been emailing the three companies that still have not removed the Secure Assure seal from their website. I had been very blunt in the last email I sent and apparently they didn't like that. So they told Phil about me and Phil decided to write me. Wednesday, Dr. Antón and I decided to sit down and draft up a nice little email to Phil and the other companies. It was fun and I learned a lot about writing diplomatic letters which will come in handy. We tried to point out that I was helping him and the other companies by letting them know they were doing something wrong. One of the companies that responded was very grateful that I told them about it. Well I guess I left him speechless cause he has not written back.

We played our normal volleyball games on Monday. Then Tuesday Lana, Dr. Antón, and I went to the mall to help Dr. Antón pick out some glasses. That was a lot of fun. She must have tried on 200 pair! We settled on a cute red pair. I would show you a picture, but she would not be happy if that was on the Internet! That evening Lana and I watched Seven. To continue with our already busy week, Wednesday we played pool with Brent and Sarat. It was lots of fun and it came out about even. Thursday was our usual volleyball game and afterwards, we got a special treat. A professor who plays volleyball with us, Dr. St. Amant, invited everyone over for a swim. It was great and hopefully becomes a regular thing!

Friday Dr. Antón, Thomas, Lana and I went out to lunch at Frazier's for my birthday. I turned 21! I went to the aparment and was greeted by cards and flowers. It was pretty cool! So a group of people went out to dinner at Bahama Breeze. I ordered my first drink, a Very Berry Good. And it was very berry good! We ate dinner then headed off to the pool hall to hang out for the rest of the night. Some friends from Ohio showed up to play with me. That was exciting! It was a wonderful birthday!

For the weekend, Lana and I headed off to the beach! She had never been to an American beach before, crazy! We had lots of fun and got a little sun burnt. We had to drive home in a crazy storm where I couldn't see more than 5 feet in front of the car. But we got home safe and had a grrrreat weekend!