Week 3: June 18 - 24



This week we watched Save the Last Dance (twice) and Dr. Dolittle. We got the CS grad student gang together to play some volleyball on Thursday, that was a lot of fun! I'm still running, about every other day and reading. Monday we did laundry, I think it was the first time Lana has done laundry not at home, cause I had to show her some things.

This week I got to yell at some more people that are doing things wrong on the Internet. TRUSTe, a pretty popular privacy, had a few sites that are defunct that are still on their list of companies. A few days later, they were removed. Another site with the Secure Assure seal removed the seal and wrote back that they didn't know the company is defunct - interesting.

I also started goal-mining. I am analyzing the privacy policies of a bunch of health care related sites. It takes a long time cause I have to see if the goals are the same as ones from last summer. We want to reuse as many goals as possible.

Lesson to Dr. Antón: We learned together that www.webster.com now pronounces words!

This weekend was also lots of fun. Friday night Lana, Brent, Sarat, Jiae, and me went to see Swordfish then to Applebee's. Saturday we had a volleyball outing. Saturday night was interesting... Lana, Thomas and I went to the art museum amphitheatre to listen to The Whites and then watch O Brother Where Art Thou. Sounds like fun, right?!?! After about 20 minutes of being there it started raining. It only lasted a little while so we thought we were good to go for the rest of the evening. We were wrong. About 10 minutes before the movie was to start, it started pouring. The raindrops were the size of golf balls. We were smart and did not take an umbrella. So after a few minutes of sitting under a beach towel, the nice people next to us invited us under their tarp tent thing. That's where we sat for the entire movie. We stayed somewhat dry and got some free oreos from it. It turned out to be a good, but wet evening.

Sunday Lana and I took some pictures of campus (should be seeing them soon). Brent and I went to play frisbee golf. He also gave me my first experience of Bojangles sweet tea. Apparently it is really special, but I didn't think so. Lana, Brent and I then got some pizza and watched Top Gun and just chilled.