Week 2: June 11 - 17


We went to the on campus movie theatre with the CS grad student gang. Tuesday was Saving Grace, Thursday was Where the Heart Is. I started getting in shape this week - running!

I started researching privacy stuff on the Internet. Started off by looking for articles on Heath Insurance on the web. I also started looking into a privacy seal called Secure Assure. It is supposed to be more interested in consumer privacy than corporations. So as I started exploring, I found that their web site was not there any more. I received confirmation that the company is defunct and all customers were notified.

The interesting thing is that there are still companies that have the seal on their web sites. This is misrepresenting, saying they have a privacy seal when it doesn't exist. I wrote the 6 companies that I could find that still had the seal up. After writing the companies, 2 removed the seal. One of which wrote me back saying they never knew the company was defunct. Interesting.

Lesson to Dr. Antón: This week I taught her about Secure Assure. All this was very new and interesting for her!

This weekend was fun! We watched Saving Private Ryan Friday night. Saturday and Sunday I played volleyball. I like it a lot better than running, but it's hard to do by yourself! So Brent and I taught Lana how to play, then we gained a few more people for a game on Sunday. I think we're going to try to start a group and play every week, probably Wednesdays. This is really exciting for me since I love volleyball! Lana and I tried to explore Cary (right outside of Raleigh). We wanted to find Target and Old Navy, but we went in the middle of a big storm. We found Target and decided to save Old Navy for another day.

We also watched: Hackers, Good Will Hunting, Flashdance, and A Few Good Men.