Week 10: August 6 - August 10

Monday I fixed up the survey a bit more and started writing out the rest of my heuristics and getting examples for them. I was the last volleyball game. Which turned out to be good cause my ball has a hole in it :( Afterwards, Lana, Ergun, Brent and I watched The Graduate and ate some ice cream. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on my final report. Tuesday a big group of us went to lunch at Newton's because an old friend came into town, Jason. Lana and I had gone to his going away party the first week here, so it was nice to see him again. Went to dinner at Houlihan's then watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Wednesday Lana and I picked up Annie at the airport. We got to hear all of her fun stories of finding her family in Spain. After that, Lana, Ergun, Brent and I went to Houlihan's for some food then headed off to the pool hall.

Thursday was a lot of fun...I met with Annie to go over what I had been doing for the last 3 weeks while she was away. We also went over my final report. For lunch, Annie and I took the hermies back to her place and got some pizzas for us, Lana, and Thomas. The afternoon was short because we left early to get ready for the cookout turned mexican fiesta. We helped cook the food and get Annie's place all ready for company. It was lots of fun. I got to meet some people I had heard a lot about, but never met before like Ryan and Priya who worked in the office. After the fiesta, Lana and I headed home to start packing!

Friday I finished my final report, added some finishing touches to my website, and got everything organized to leave. I packed, watched American Pie 2 and picked up my mom at the airport so she could drive home to Ohio with me. Its a long drive by yourself, the conversation gets rather boring!