Week 1: June 2 - 10


I moved in on Saturday. I found out my roommate Lana (who also is in the DMP) got held up with the chicken pox so she would not move in till Wednesday. So I had the first few days all to myself. I had to get settled into the apartment and try to get used to it. I met the professor I was going to be working with, Dr. Antón on Sunday.

At work I got settled into my office. I met a few of the graduate students I will be working around this summer. Hema, Jim, and Thomas (a PhD student). I also met our office neighbors, Laura and Brent. Brent likes to sing a lot, but he probably shouldn't.

On Wednesday my roommate Lana finally moved in. It was a pain to try to pick her up from the airport cause her flight kept getting delayed, but it all worked out. We get along great, so far! We're starting to explore, watch out Raleigh!

Dr. Antón gave me many papers to read on requirements engineering and the Capability Maturity Model (CMM). I also got a crash course in software engineering since I have not taken a class in that yet. I starting working on my annotated bibliography (accessible through the home page). I also was assigned papers on Security and Privacy for e-commerce applications. I started exploring online Privacy Policies of Health Insurance companies.

Dr. Antón told me that she expected me to teach her something new each week. So each week (hopefully I will accomplish this) I will state the one thing I can remember I taught her.

Lesson to Dr. Antón: to view the text larger on a web site, just go to View on the browser and click on Larger.

The first weekend was fun. I finished my first mystery/romance novel. We're going to find a public library so I can get some more! Lana and I managed to find our way to the mall. We also read some papers and watched some movies. Lana hasn't seen a lot of the older movies, so Brent and I have taken on the responsibility of making sure she sees the good ones by the end of the summer. We started off with Dirty Dancing.