Fun People!

Roksolana Antonyuk (Lana) - She was born in Ukraine and moved to the US 4 years ago. Her English is pretty good except for things like Mt. Dew, she sounds like she is saying "malted dew." Many waiters are confused by this and just reply, "what is that?"

Thomas Alspaugh - He is a Ph. D student working with Dr. Antón. He is fun and we like to help him procrastinate in the office!!

Brent Dennis - He is the fun guy that works in the office next to us that always sings real loud. He owns a lot of movies, which is great so Lana and I don't have to rent them from Blockbuster!

Dr. Julie Earp is an Assistant Professor of Information Technology in the Business Management Department of the College of Management. She is working with us while Dr. Antón is in Spain. She works a lot with Dr. Antón in work related to E-commerce.

Another cool link with a bio on Dr. Earp.

Sarat Kocherlakota - He is a fun guy. He is learning how to drive and is doing a good job, despite what Brent says. He seems rather quiet, but watch out when he doesn't do well in volleyball or bowling, 4 letter words just start flying!!! :)

Jiae Chang - She is almost done with her Masters and then will be going back to Korea. If I had to describe her in one word it would be "cute," she's even a cute bowler!

Laura Tateosian - She is also working on her Masters. Its amazing she's still here because she has to share an office with Brent. I feel really bad for her!