Shawna Miller

Regular Office/Lab:
407B, H. B. Bright Building
Texas A&M University
College of Engineering
Department of Computer Science
(979) 845-8835

Summer Office/Lab:
3112, Duncan Hall
Rice University
George R. Brown School of Engineering
Department of Computer Science
(713) 348-2610


I am an undergraduate at Texas A&M University. I will graduate this Christmas! I am majoring in Computer Engineering - Computer Science Track. You can think of it as a Computer Science degree with an Electrical Engineering minor.

This summer, I am working with Dr. Lydia Kavraki and the Physical Computing Group studying protein-to-protein interactions. Dr. Kavraki is a professor at Rice University in the Computer Science Department. Check out her website at This research is as part of the CRA Distributed Mentor Project. The CRA Distributed Mentor Project was created to introduce women undergraduates in Computer Science to research and encourage them to seriously consider pursuing graduate work.

For live traffic reports of the Houston area, look at It's a good way to take a break -- just don't spend too much time! (It's been known to happen...)

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