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My name, if you don't know already, is Laura McGlade. I just finished up my sophomore year at the University of Delaware so I am now technically a junior. I am a Computer Science major and, starting next fall, will be minoring in Management Information Systems. This summer I am working with Lori Pollock, Amie Souter and the rest of the crew in HIPERSPACE on a research project here at the University of Delaware which, if you are here, I'm sure you knew that already. When I'm not working or going to class, I can most likely be found outside playing some sort of sport (as long as the weather is nice). I like to run, snow/water ski, scuba dive, swim, hike, stuff like that. Keep in mind that the picture in the top right hand corner is NOT a picture of me (he blinks too much)!!!

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Did somebody say Lori Pollock?

Lori is not only my advisor, but she is also my mentor for undergraduate research. She is also a professor here at the University of Delaware and that is just her professional life. She is a very sweet lady and, as you can probably tell, she is extremely amazing at balancing "everything" (family, career, undergrads, etc). Click here if you want to see her webpage.

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A description of my research

This project will provide motivation for research directed towards structural testing of web-based scripting programs. In order to better understand the characteristics of scripting programs, we need to gather statistics about the common structures fo und in web programs. Through the use of the data, we hope to be able to classify web-based programs into distinct categories. Therefore, the goal of this project is to find common characteristics in web-based scripting programs that will provide evidence in order to direct web-based testing research.

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