Victoria Manfredi

Smith College
Box 7785
98 Green Street
Northampton, MA

I am doing an intership this summer at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island through the CRA-W Distributed Mentor Project. This page gives some information about myself, the professor I am working for, and the project I am working on (I even have a weekly journal on the work that I do down below for anyone who is interested in learning all about the research that I am doing :-)

Who am I?

My name is Vicky and I have just finished my junior year at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. I am double majoring in computer science and neuroscience. My non-academic interests include running, swimming and reading and as soon as I get a chance to, I hope to take a swim in the Brown pool.
Who am I working for?

I am working for Amy Greenwald, a very enthusiastic professor in the computer science department at Brown. Her research interests are game theory and multiagent user learning with a focus on internet agents. To find out more about her, see her webpage
What is it that I am doing?

I am working on a project another student had started and worked on with Amy last year. What it involves is looking at different Pricebot agent algorithms and comparing them. Pricebots are used on the web for determining what price some seller should set its price at. These Pricebot agents generally use information they learn from each other as input into their new price (one of these agents/algorithms, however uses no information from the other agent types, just a formula!) The student that had started the project had written a program that has these algorithms implemented, in a simulator she wrote. What happens in her program is that those algorithms that make a good profit are increased in number and those that are not doing as well are decreased in number. In essence, evolution occurs. I am working with the program as a way of seeing the interactions of these different agents. We are then going to look at which algorithms do the best and try and understand why this is. Check out my weekly journal below for my progress.
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