more information on our work

On June 28th, I gave a short presentation on the project to a group of undergrad researchers in Texas A&M's Undergraduate Summer Research Grants (USRG) program. It was the first time I've spoken in front of a group of more than 15 people since high school, so as you could imagine, I was quite nervous. I wasn't the only one though! There were a lot of really interesting projects, from many different fields. It was quite a learning experience.

Here is the abstract I presented, and the Power Point slides that I used to explain what we are doing.
Abstract (Microsoft Word, html)
Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Much much later, on August 1st, we all gave longer (15 minute) presentations on our research. We also presented a final research paper, which I will post soon.

Here is my presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint), and my paper (PDF).

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