The Project:

Investigating the Effect of Texture Orientation on the Perception of 3D Shape

The main object of this project is to study the effect that texture (and its orientation) has on the way the people see graphics. This includes studying whether the addition of texture improves the perception of a shape as well as studying what kind of textures and what kind of texture orientation improve perception. This project has been progressing over several years. I will be working with the graduate student currently working on the project, Haleh.

There is already a several large files of existing code for the project, including an interface (to be viewed in stereo) that shows a surface and a series of probes that the user manuvers to show how the user perceives the shape. What is being added is a second part of the interface that shows the user a silhouette of how the user has positioned the probes to hopefully help the user better understand the process.

There are many aspects of this project to work on. We need to create a program that will allow us to more easily define a family of surfaces. We will need to "pass" the vertices created to another program which will create a texture on the surface based on principle direction. There already exists a program which "grows" textures on surfaces by using a small piece of a texture and orientating in to follow the principle direction. In the future, another program possibly will be written that creates a different type of texture based on principle direction. The textured surfaces will be added to the interface to be used in the experiments. We need to finish up the new addition to the interface as well as work with the large body of existing code to get all the pieces to work together toward our goal.

Current Goals

Overall Goals

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