The People I Met This Summer....

This is a picture of Sarah, Jessamy and myself. All three of us were a part of the Distributed Mentor Project. Sarah and Jessamy worked one floor below me in the AI and Robotics lab with Dr. Gini. We ate lunch together often and I got to know them pretty well.

This is a picture of Haleh and me. It was great getting to know her during the summer and to work with her on the project.

People from the lab that I got to know:

Pictures from the Lab

These are some pictures that Nate took one day using a friend's digital camera (Mike from EE/CS REU program). Thanks for letting me use some of the pics!

Me at work in the Graphics Lab

------- Nate ------------------- Mihn and Tim --------

Tim in the hallway near the graphics lab

Other Pictures

This is a picture from the Women in CS lunch we had with female CS professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students that were around for the summer.(Note the men in the picture came to the picture because they were curious about the issues facing women in the computer science field -- and maybe for the free food also)

This is a picture of the group eating lunch in the cafeteria. Our lunches tended to be accompanied by random and unusual conversations which were great fun.

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