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  My CRAW project is done. I left Colorado on August 22, after delaying my departure for 2 weeks to work with Wim. I learned a great deal this summer, although I can't say I got much research done. I know more about myself now and more about what I want from a grad school. After all, that is why I went. I want a school I will be happy at, not just a place to study and do research. I want an advisor who is my friend first, and my colleague second. I want a research group who works in the area they do because they love it and are passionate about it, not because it will get them a degree or a grant. I want to work on a project that is my first thought when I wake up and my last thought as I fall asleep, not because it has to be, but because I want it to be. If this summer has taught me anything, it taught me to never abandon what I want in order to do what I think I should.

As for the research, I am heading back to Colorado in the middle of November to spend another 6 weeks working with Wim. I was only able to be a part of his research team for a short while, but I got hooked. Bitonic sort proved much harder to code in SA-C than anyone had imagined and as a result has since caused a changed in the language. SA-C is becoming recursion capable.