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Navigation Bar My name is Emily Chung, and I go to the University of California, Berkeley, where I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I've just finished my third year, so I have one more to go! I'm not sure which area of computer science I enjoy the most, but I do like theory and math very much! I've also dabbled in (and liked a lot) signals and systems, but that's more on the electrical engineering side.
At Berkeley EECS, I'm in the Honors Program, which requires me to take three upper division courses in the same department outside of the College of Engineering. I used to be a Bioengineering major before switching over to EECS, so I decided to take my three classes in Molecular and Cell Biology. I was headed down the bio-informatics path in Bioengineering, and I haven't quite managed to give up that interest. In brief, bio-informatics uses computers and computational tools to deal with and analyze the mass of information whole genomes bring. (Just try and deal with billions of DNA base pairs by hand.)
I have wonderful parents and a great older sister, all of whom live in the Bay Area in California. I was actually born in Massachusetts, but moved to Monterey in Northern California (site of the famed Monterey Bay Aquarium) when I was three. I then moved to Palo Alto (site of Stanford University) when I was eight, where my parents are now. Of course, I'm at Berkeley now, which is on the north-east side of the Bay, about 20 minutes from San Francisco without traffic (which is never the case).

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