Personal Information

Hi, the name is Hiba!

A little history about me:

I was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. I left there in 1994 few years after the Gulf War and spent a year in Jordan then I finally came here in 1995. So basically I have only been here for about 5 1/2 years. I'm used to life here but I still call Iraq my home.

Here are a few pictures of my homeland.

Sunset in the marshes of southern Iraq

Mosque lighted at night
A Mosque during sunset

Entrance to Babylon

What I'm doing now...

I'm currently a student at the University of Utah. I'll be starting my sophomore year in the Fall. I am studying computer science but would like to focus on computer animation and imaging.

My Interests...

My biggest interest would probably be art, art in all its forms. I enjoy music and theatre, going to art galleries and art shows AND watching cartoons, especially Disney!

Also, I love horses! I'm not sure what it is but since I was little I had always wanted a horse and I would try to convince my parents to buy me a horse and to keep it in my bedroom. I'm still trying to convince my parents but it seems to fail every time!

Since the horse thing wasn't working out I settled for cats. Almost everyone in the family is a cat lover. I once had 6 cats and my dad had 24!!!! Unfortunately, right now I don't own a cat but maybe sometime down the road I'll get one.

My family...

Well there's my dad (Benan), my mom (Silvia) and my sister (Shireen). Shireen is about 3 years younger than me and she just finished Junior High and so she'll be moving up to High School.

The family enjoys spending time together. Sometimes we'd go up to the canyons and have a picnic or attend an outdoor concert or movie screening downtown and then take a stroll around.