The CRA Distributed Mentor Project: Mentoring Undergraduate Women in Computer Science and Computer Engineering


**The goal of the Distributed Mentor Project is to increase the number of women entering graduate school in Computer Science and Computer Engineering (CS&E). To achieve this, the project matches outstanding female undergraduates with female mentors for a summer of research at the mentor's institution. Students are thereby provided with a window on research and graduate life, and enjoy the benefits of a close mentoring relationship.**

This website is part of the CRA Distributed Mentor Project and is dedicated to describing my current research project. For current information on the CRA DMP project, look here.

The Mayan Project is headed by the alpha_1 group at the University of Utah. The goal of the project is to create a real-time virtual walkthrough of one of the ancient Mayan temples, while dealing with non-photorealistic rendering and different levels of abstraction. My part of the project is to work on creating the entourage for the walkthrough, basically the figures that will be placed in the background to help give the viewer a better sense of the surroundings. To read more about my work please click on Project in the menu.