Final Report


My research this summer dealt mainly with animation. The goal for me was to learn about animation by working on a current project that aims at creating a virtual walk-through of an ancient Mayan temple. My research involved creating animations of people and placing them as entourage in the walk-through. As the weeks went by I was assigned a second second smaller project. I was to create the background scenery for the walkthrough.

To summarize my work I divided it up as follows:

Part of my research experience during this summer involved reading a number of research papers that relate to issues I have encountered during the research. I read a total of five papers, and I presented four of them to the Alpha One research group here at the University.

Reading these research papers introduced me to various fields and aspects of computer graphics and imaging. It also introduced me to some of the research works being carried out these days and to the effort involved in conducting research. Also, I hope to read more about the current papers in the upcoming SIGGRAPH conference which I will be attending at the end of my summer research.

Finally, my research over the course of the summer has been a wonderful experience. Not only did I have the chance of working in the field of animation, but I was also able to meet a number of faculty members as well as graduate students. The best part of the summer research was the hands-on experience. By working on the animations and reading up on the research papers, I now have an idea of how research is conducted, specifically in the computer graphics field, and of the struggles and challenges researchers face. I believe that this summer experience has given me the knowledge and experience in computer graphics that no classroom atmosphere could.