Week 10


This week, I got the phone code to work (!) and continued working on my user study.

Things I Learned

  • "xargs" is a thing
  • the expression "tirĂ© par les cheveux"
  • Cantonese has six different inflections
  • the IRB does not consider "receiving new movie recommendations" a notable benefit for participating in a research study
  • the HCII department downstairs has (free) hot chocolate


Set up middleware code on my laptop and am currently trying to identify the time delay in said code. This is rather time-consuming because the phone code takes 38942048119031 minutes to build each time I alter something.


CRA-W Webinar

Instead of reading group this week, we gathered in the conference room to attend a CRA-W webinar. This was particularly exciting because the "we" included guests (see "Not Work" section)!

Daily Logs

These are more or less lifted from Bitbucket, where I keep a README of these things.

Mon 7/24

Organized/cleaned up Python code; mtg with Sushma; tested phone code.

Tues 7/25

Dissected phone code; made requested IRB modifications and got IRB application approved.

Wed 7/26

Fixed phone code; phone code testing.

Thurs 7/27

Mtg with Florian; more phone testing; webinar.

Fri 7/28

Updated MUF; user study; phone issues.

Not Work

Lab Happenings

There are other DREU interns at CMU, and they came over to the ArticuLab to watch the CRA-W webinar with us this Thursday! Also, I brought Barbossa and Jack (my cacti) into the lab to keep Florian's plant company.

Meet my plant friends, Barbossa and Jack


  • read too many books in one sitting, including: old favorites, new DiCamillo, and recently released

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