Viv Goes to the ArticuLab

Hi, I'm Viv, and this is the story of how I went to the ArticuLab and learned things.

Look, it's me being productive

My work is actually most connected with the InMind project. But I say "goes to the ArticuLab" because that's where I physically work (slash it has a nice sort of ring to it).

And anyway, the InMind architecture links to SARA (an ArticuLab project), so I'm technically considered part of the SARA team, too. (Other members: Timo, Florian, Yoichi, and interns Pranav, Jingya, and Wei.) We eat lunch together every day at half past noon.

A Note About This Website

You can read about my adventures (including: Tom Cruise movies, elephants, messy code, hot chocolate, and two different types of baobabs) under the Weekly Journals tab up top.

You can also check out a summary/conclusion blurb I wrote about my summer experiences here.

A Note About Me

In case you're wondering about the sorts of qualifications one needs to apply to/attend the DREU program (which is how I got to the ArticuLab), here is a list of things I knew how to do before this summer:

And here is a list of things I didn't:

Whether or not I figured them out (spoiler: I did) is something you can read about on this website. Feel free to email me if you have more questions.