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Week 6

I spent the first half of the week trying to prove my claim about complete graphs, but I did not really get anywhere. Lenore suggested that I explain my problem to other students to get different perspectives and clarify my thought process. We planned to do this next week. I then focused my efforts on the programming project. I realized that I had been over complicating things by storing all of my data (genes and functionalities) as arrays of arrays with string variables. This was becoming hard to work with and manipulate, so I decided to start over and use a different object type (in this case dictionaries). I started my program from scratch and more or less finished it by the end of the week. However, I had one problem -- the voting algorithm for which an unknown node's functionality was predicted by its neighbors functionalities was not strong. I was simply looking at the neighbors and casting a majority vote (and breaking ties by randomly selecting one). I did not take into account the confidence scores (relating to the probability that two nodes were connected) in my protocol.

For our weekly meeting, we received a talk from two students pertaining to what their research was on. Which was comparing the efficacy of DSD to other well known algorithms in gene-disease mappings.

I wanted to visit Faneuil Hall this weekend, but my phone's GPS wasn't working, so I ended up wandering around Boston and asking around to find my way to the place. I ended up walking through and around Boston Commons and Boston Public Garden --  past the Massachusetts State House,  the Old State House, the Old South Meeting House, and Faneuil Hall (except at the time, I did not realize this building was my actual destination) -- to Quincy Market. I spent some time there and then went to a clothing store (which everyone has been raving about) called Primark. What surprised me about this store was how inexpensive everything was (for instance, they were selling v-neck  t-shirts  for $3.50). However, most of the clothing did not really match my style, and I do not really enjoy shopping, so I did not end up buying anything. Afterwards, I walked around a bit more and ended up walking through Chinatown. There was a Chinese cultural show going on, so I stopped and watched it for a bit.