Kiffany Lyons

Computer Science Summer Intern

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About Me

I am a junior undergraduate Computer Science major at Texas Wesleyan University expecting to graduate with my math minor and BS in the Fall of 2019. I am currently doing research in TAMU Parasol Lab with my partner Diego Ruvalcaba under my mentor Mukulika Ghosh and Dr.Amato through the CRA-W DREU program.

Motion Planning is very useful and it is applicable to many real world problems. The more detailed the system is the safer and more efficient the path is. Our purpose is the enhance motion planing capabilities by adding more details to our display and allow users to manipulate, store and create specification of an environment so that we can solve more complex problems. We hope that enabling these new features will allow us to innovate new motion planning strategies which utilize workspace skeletons. Also our work space is limited to at most 3 dimensional environments, however robots may have many more degrees of freedom. With the skeleton display we will be able to add more depth to our visualization, so while we can't go beyond 3D we can view properties which may affect a paths accessibility such as clearances and volumes.
Final Report
Week 1(May 30 - June 3)
Week 2(June 5 - June 9)
Week 3(June 12 - June 16)
Week 4(June 19 - June 23)
Week 5(June 26 - June 30)
Week 6(July 3 - July 7)
Week 7(June 10 - July 14)
Week 8(July 17 - July 21)
Week 9(July 24 - July 28)
Week 10(July 31 - August 4)

About Me

Meet The Team!!!


Nancy Amato


Nancy M. Amato is Unocal Professor and Regents Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University where she co-directs the Parasol Lab. She is also Senior Director of Engineering Honors Programs in the College of Engineering and Co-Coordinator of the Computer Science and Engineering Track of Engineering Honors.


Mukulika Ghosh


Mukulika Ghosh is a Computer Science PhD student at TAMU, are working in TAMU Parasol Lab. Mukulika and I are researching Workspace Skeleton visualization tools.


Diego Ruvalcaba


Diego Ruvalcaba is an Engineering Honors student and the proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2020!

Poisson's Equation
Spring 2017

At my home university I did research on Mathematical approximation and modeling of Electric Potential with Poisson's Equation under Dr. Yukong Zhang.


Texas Wesleyan University
2015 - 2019

BS Computer Science
Math Minor