About the Research

My Mentor: Dr. Sophie Jörg

Since 2012, she has been an Assistant Professor at Clemson University in the School of Computer Science.

Her primary research interests are in computer graphics, especially animation and perception.

Her research includes work with character animation techniques and algorithms, perception of lifelike virtual humans, and hand and finger motions. For more information access her website linked below.

Click here to access her website

The Research

We've been working on using machine learning to automatically generate hand motions for certain gestures given body motions.

Jörg wrote a paper about the topic in which she explored the perception of finger motions of virtual characters. In her experiments she analyzed finger animations.

Research Goals

During my stay here, our goal is to use machine learning to automatically generate finger motions given body motions. Given a data set of 8 different gestures, totaling over 7000 frames together, we want to fashion a method in which we feed a body motion into our machine learned algorithm and have it output the correct corresponding hand gesture with the correct finger motions.

My Final Report