Weeks 8 and 9

Project Progress

The database has been run, I have given a successful research talk, and my poster is getting printed for next week's poster session. Phew what a crazy couple of weeks. While getting the results back was initially very exciting, I've come to realize that most compounds with names resembling a variety of letters and numbers don't have any information about them, and therefore are extremely hard to verify. One thing that I kicked off today was another run of the database,but this time the list of proteins for each compound has been shuffled to see if the results are significant.

In further (not research-related) news, I finally got a UMN Gophers t-shirt, which I can wear with pride to amused Northeasterners who had no idea a gopher was a mascot (although people here have never heard of a Jumbo, so it evens out).

Minn vs. Jumbo