About My Project

I am working on a project involving energy-efficient parallel computation for many-core platforms. High-end embedded systems, like smart phones, game consoles, GPS devices, and home entertainment centers are permeating every aspect of modern life. As the use of such devices rises, their power consumption will start to have a huge economic and environmental impact. Because of this, embedded systems will start to use many-core systems to balance demands for performance and power efficiency. The goal of the project I am working on is to provide efficient, energy-effective, convenient mechanisms for exploiting parallelism. We'll adapt successful distributed systems techniques to embedded many-core architectures. This will enable such devices t solve parallelizable problems in a wide variety of areas such as machine learning, vision, pattern-recognition, clustering, and more.

Professor R. Iris Bahar is a Professor in the School of Engineering at Brown University. She works in computer architecture, electronic design automation, and digital circuit design. For more information about Professor Bahar and her research, visit her research page here.

Other contributors to thsi project include Rodrigo Fonseca and Maurice Herlihy, both of the Computer Science Department at Brown University, and graduate stuents Dimitra Pappagiannopoulou and Chris Picardo.