Past Projects

Science for Youth Extension Website Redesign - Summer 2013

In conjunction with two Auburn University research students, I will be working on a small portion of the much larger project at Auburn known as For You, For Life or FYFL. FYFL is a project updating the "Youth science" portion of and using this updated part of the site with new content to create a mobile interface called iW2K. In particular, my partner and I are worked on organizing the info already present, made it presentable and appealing by adding more interactive and interesting material available on the website and eventually for the iW2K project. The content for each page was engaging for middle school age students and also provide resources for parents and educators as well. Photos and examples available soon!

FYFL Badging System - Summer 2013

Another portion of the FYFL project is setting up a badging system to be used with the 4H curriculum. This would allow 4H students and adults to visit a site, complete a project or assignment, fill out an evaluation, and receive a badge in their virtual backpack to signify the completion of the module. I worked with a Auburn Master's student who had written hundreds and probably thousands of code to set up the system in three different types of example sites. Each site was implemented differently using Drupal, PHP, or Apache-MySql-PHP. After evaluating the different prototypes and understanding the implementation of them, I was charged with updating the Drupal site similar to the other prototypes available and implementing a user registration module that could handle the 4 different user groups for the badging system based on age and involvement in 4H.

Final Paper

5G Network - Fall 2012

Syllabus and Schedule

This project was a requirement for the course CS2340 or Object Oriented Design during the Fall 2012. Clicking on the title of the project will provide a copy of the course syllabus. Throughout the course of the semester, I worked with 4 other girls in the class to develop our own version of the game Space Trader. Throughout this course we collaborated on the user interface design of the game and subversion of the code. Photos/Samples coming soon!

Project Rome - Summer 2012

Syllabus and Schedule

Project Rome was a group project required for the course CS3750 or User Interface Design taken during the Summer of 2012. I worked in a group of 4 to develop a travel app and test the user interface interaction using various techniques. Photos and samples coming soon!