All of my community service and volunteering, I strongly believe, are essential for my connection with the community which in turn helps me in my research that will hopefully help the community in return.


In October 2012, I founded the organization FirstGen to serve the first generation college community on campus. Since its inception, the organization has grown to 150 members. We have raised over $3000 and awarded a GradFund award to one graduating first generation college student in the Spring of 2013. This award included providing the student with a custom stole to wear at graduation, their cap and gown, class ring, diploma frame, and basic graduation announcements.

CFY, inc.

CFY is a national non-profit organization that takes donated desktop and laptop computers, refurbishes them with PowerMyLearning educational software, and provide computer learning workshops to students and their parents at metro-Atlanta middle schools. Students who participate are able to take the computers home. During these Saturday workshops, I assist the teacher with answering questions and assisting students and parents throughout the workshop.

Service at Tech


Every year Georgia Tech hosts a campus-wide day of service where hundreds of students come out on a Saturday and service the local community. I have had the pleasure of being a Project Lead for 2 different projects in the past.

MLK Day of Service

Every year on MLK Jr. Day, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's memory by doing various community service projects. I have not only participated in the event or led community service projects, but I have also had the opportunity to plan the event this past year and I plan on doing so again this coming year.