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Research Programs at RIT "Rochester Institute of Technology"

My first degree was in the University ESPOL Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral, there I got a degree of Computer Science, where I got a degree of Computer Science. This degree helped me to work inside the College doing a research program for the college in the Digitalization of the cityproject. That was my first experience in the field. Later I worked for a Internet provider company. Many years later my wife and I decided to move to the United States. I decided to study in a community college and learn how to be an electrician; when I finished the classes I got a job in the field for 3 years, then the company laid me off and I found an opportunity to work for a Bank as a Bilingual Customer Service representative; After one year, the company moved all the operation to another state and I was laid off again, that was the time when I decided to go back again to the college and get my second degree. The life in the college is really exciting; every day we learn more and I think, I am really prepared for a new challenge which is to work in the IT field in the United States. Now, I have accepted a research experience with the RIT Rochester Institute of Technology which I think is very important for my career because it will allow me to network, be part of a team, work in small projects under supervisior, and to learn more to pursue a career in the IT field.