My DREU Blog

Hi! I'm Avery Erwin-McGuire. I am a computer science undergraduate student at Goucher College. I am currently a rising senior, and plan to graduate in the spring of 2013. I was placed at UMass Amherst for my DREU internship with Dr. Elliot Moss as my mentor. During the spring semester of 2012 I studied abroad in Korea and can now speak Korean at a remarkably poor level (if you ever need someone to ask about school supplies in the present tense, I may be your woman). Among my computer science classes, my favorite subjects have been algorithms and theory of computation. Most of all I love a good programming project. In my time away from school, I often do things unrelated to computer science. The past few years led me to exotic animal care (such as birds of prey and large reptiles), working with some interesting kids at summer camps, and reading too many science fiction novels. I can be reached via my email - Avery(DOT)ErwinMcguire(AT)gmail