Wile E. and son

DREU Summer 2011

My Summer in Albuquerque

Week 5: June 27 - July 1

This week was more frustrating than past weeks have been. I spent a majority of this week trying to debug code. Monday and Tuesday, I mostly focused on debugging the multiple articulated linkages code, and while there was some success, it did not go as quickly as I would have liked. On Wednesday, I started working on the code for 2 rigid bodies, one fixed and one free, and worked on this code for the remainder of the week. The biggest difficulty I have encountered so far has been making sure that the robots are placed in a bounding box, and though it took a couple days, with the help of John, I managed to adjust the code so this was no longer an issue. Although I now have a new bug, mainly an infinite loop, I am very glad to have moved past the bounding box issue, and plan on addressing this new bug next week. On Wednesday, Andrea and I had a meeting with Dr. Tapia about the plan for the rest of the summer, which shockingly is already half over! We created a plan for the remainder of our weeks here, and although I feel the plan is slightly optimistic, I am confident that Andrea and I can complete everything by the end of the summer. Andrea and I prepared a presentation on the parameter study of the proteins that we worked on earlier this summer, and will hopefully present that sometime next week. I also worked some more on my final paper, and wrote up a rough draft of my related work section. On Thursday, we had our weekly meeting, and this week we heard from three professors, Joe Kniss, Dorian Arnold, and Stephanie Forrest, and heard their research interests. After the meeting, we went to the ARTS lab, and saw some of the projects they are currently working on, such as a dome that projects graphics and a personal, mobile, elevated platform. It was an interesting lab, and I enjoyed seeing a different type of lab from the one I am usually working in. On Friday, we all went to an STMC meeting at the medical school. It was a planning meeting for the EAB meeting that will be taking place at the end of August, and was basically and overview of all of the projects that are addressing immunoreceptor signaling.

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