Project Overview
Final Paper

I will be helping prepare an application called SoundPainter for a user study. I will also be helping with that user study.

Here's a description of the project from the submitted IRB, written by Celine Latulipe and Erin Carroll:

"We will be investigating the usage of our software called SoundPainter as an ambient display to be used in people's homes. SoundPainter uses sound as input into visualizations (drawing different colored and different sized dots depending on the pitch and volume of sounds). These visualizations become a form of interactive art work. In this project, we will be looking at SoundPainter as a way for adult children to be aware of their elderly parent's activity in their home (i.e. "aging in place") and increasing feelings of connectiveness, in general, between families living in separate homes."

If time allows, I will help with the Choreographer's Notebook, an application that allows dancers to upload, view, and comment on their rehearsal videos.