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I am a rising Senior majoring in Computer Science at the New York State University of Plattsburgh in Plattsburgh, New York. My anticipated date of graduation is May 2012. My summer internship is funded by the Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates from Underrepresented Groups in Computer Science and Engineering (DREU) and I am currently doing research under Dr. Lydia Tapia at University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I also hold a BS in Microbiology and an MA in Liberal Arts (Concentrating in Admininstration and Leadership). I returned to study Computer Science after losing my position of 20 years with a pharmaceutical company that closed the facility where I was employed.

My father was in the AirForce, and due to this, I had the fortune to be raised in many different areas, including Spain, England, and the USA. While in high school on an airbase in England, I was given the opportunity to take a Computer Science class where I wrote my first program. It was in basic, and the output was on a paper tape, punched out in holes. While studying for my first Bachelor's degree, I joined the Army Reserves. One summer, our unit was assigned a short tour in Italy! My father gave me my first computer as a gift, a Commodore SX-64. It was an early version of today's laptops, but was about the size of a desk pc. For a nice picture and description, click here.

After obtaining my degree, I worked for Ayerst, which later became Wyeth, and then Pfizer. I worked as Process Control Technician, a Toxicology Technician/Supervisor, and then as a Systems Analyst. During my time as a Toxicology Technician and Supervisor, I helped found the Northern Mountain AALAS branch, and served as the branch's first president. After working for Wyeth/Pfizer for 20 years, the facility I was in downsized and then shut it doors. I struck luck again, and was offered the opportunity to return to school.

I have three lovely and supportive daughters. One began college the same semester that I returned, at the same University! We were able to meet on occasion to chat and catch up on our favorite TV show, Grey's Anatomy. Over the years, I was active in my daughter's sports and events. I was a Girl Scout leader for six years and a Cookie Chair and for one season each, I coached Softball and Soccer for my daughters' teams.

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