Some links that are scattered throughout this website, but for handy reference have been consolidated here.


Washington University in Saint Louis
Home of the Looking Glass Lab
Looking Glass
Official Looking Glass website. Looking Glass is a programming environment to aid independent learners in their exploration of programming concepts.
Caitlin Kelleher
My mentor, the head of the Looking Glass group.
DREU Program
Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Summer 2011 Students

Kevin Kieselbach
Washington University
Mark Santolucito
Amherst College
Micah Herstand
Washington University
Michelle Ichinco
Tufts University
Sarah Melnick
Washington University (graduate student)
Terian Koscik
Grinnell College

Not Research

Places and things to do in and around St. Louis.

Fair Saint Louis
Annual 4th of July festivities put on by the city of St. Louis
Gateway Arch
An icon St. Louis landmark
Marine Week St. Louis
The third annual Marine Week was in St. Louis (the previous two were in Boston and Chicago)
Ozark National Scenic Riverways
Beautiful area with rivers to go floating down
Pere Marquette State Park
State park in Illinois with trail riding
Pomona College
My home institution located in beautiful sunny-but-not-humid Claremont, CA about an hour from Los Angeles
Pride St. Louis
Annual gay pride parade and festivities
Shakespeare Festival St. Louis
Annual event held in Forest Park, free and open to the public
St. Louis Zoo
Free admission!
Steinberg (Ice) Skating Rink Beach Volleyball
Location of the low-stress league we played in
The Loop
A stretch of restaurants and shops near Washington University