Week 5 (June 26 - July 2)

This week I added all of my code to our group repository, which took a while because we ran into various problems and errors trying to add projects to our Google Code site. I also began trying to test out my Object Seeking code on the AR Drone Quadricopters to see if they could also find the AR Tags, fly to them, then search for the next one. The drones have built-in cameras that can use the same program as the Playstation 3 cameras to recognize AR tags. I only had to make a few changes to the code, such as making the speed slower, descreasing the spring and oscillation constants so that the robot will not turn so much, and changing the distance from the tag that the drone must get to to start looking for the next tag. However, this did take a lot of trial and error to find a good combination of numbers that would work because the movement of the drones is much more sensitive that the creates.

The AR Drone Quadricopter camera